Tuesday, June 28, 2011

portraits: week 18

The Cassins are a couple that singles dream of befriending.  Intelligent, smart, and fun - they are not wrapped up in their relationship to the point where they disregard the social joys of others.  Individually, Jessica and Dan have unique interests and viewpoints.  Together, we get to witness a discourse that is witty, insightful, and challenging.  But the best part is that they let you in on that discourse.  They have this beautiful little world that they share with each other, and they want you to share it with them too.


  1. The second one is my most favoritest! I think it's because I love how much it is their personality. I've seen Jessica look at Dan like this a lot :D

    Cute, awesome. Such a great couple!

  2. I know you don't know me - but I"m friends with Dan and Jessica and I couldn't agree more with your description of them! And your pictures capture them so wonderfully! Beautiful work!