Sunday, December 5, 2010

portraits: week 12

Mr. Doyle...
I think that it may be extreme to call Zack Doyle my most ridiculous friend, considering my group of friends...but I actually think he may win (even over Ike and Jared).  My response to him on a regular basis is "are you serious?"  Really, is he serious?  Most of the time that answer is "yes."  His animations and impressions are spot-on.  He is in the top echelon of storytellers.  His gestures are over-the-top.  His reactions are extreme.  And on top of all that, he is just a really solid, caring, patient, and smart guy.  I don't know what my past year-and-a-half teaching at my school would be like if he wasn't there sharing the experience with me.  I mean, us "specials"  have to stick together don't we?

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