Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Gary always told me to clean my $%@* up because when the physical stuff around you is out of order it means that your mind is out of order - you can help the second by gettin the first in order.  If my physical surroundings are a mirror for my state of mind, I must live most of my life in a state of disorder, busyness, and frustration.  I do feel overwhelmed and conflicted a lot of the time.  I have always found comfort in organization.  I love making piles of relevant things.  I like making stacks.  And anyone who knows me at all - knows that I love making lists.  Just the act of writing things down vertically, one after the other, soothes my anxieties and brightens my day.  Its like I can finally visualize the mountain I have to climb.

These photographs make me happy.  It is a beautiful thought,imagining these as pictures of what my mind could be.  Compartments will little drawers.  Pertinent facts organized in groups.  Memories stacked in piles.  Knowledge stored in books.

I will be taking three of these photos to hang at The 930 gallery this week.  They are hosting a "Open Mic Open Walls" event, inviting local artists of varying mediums to show off their work and receive honest feedback from an audience.  The event is open to all...come by if you can.

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