Sunday, October 3, 2010

portraits: week 4

This week's portrait showcases a one Mr. Jason Myhre.  I have been intrigued by Jason every since I moved to Louisville.  He carries a sense of mystery, sophistication, and intelligence.  He keeps his distance most of the time, so I felt very lucky for his agreement for the portrait.  Jason is moving far away soon and it makes me sad...

some of my other favorites

We shot these at Mellwood Art Center.  Jason is standing in front of murals that are filled with geometric shapes.  This may not make sense...but I will try to explain the selection - Jason reminds me of squares and rectangles (I don't think this is just because of his glasses).  He is very structured...put together, precise organic background would not have worked at all.

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  1. the back of Jason's shirt says " bears".. do not trust him ;)