Sunday, October 24, 2010

portraits: week 7

This week's portrait comes from a maternity portrait shoot I did for my friends Jordan and AJ Aspinwall.  So I pretty much think maternity pictures are totally awkward and sorta-creepy.  Jordan asked me if I would take her's and immediately I thought of black and white photos with naked pregnant women draped in black velvet.  Super Creepy.  Well, I found out that Jordan also thinks maternity pictures are awkward and asked me to take the pictures because she thought I would be of the same opinion -- thus not asking her to do anything weird.  Good thinking.  I tried to look at this like any other portrait.  In these, the viewer needs to see the mom side of Jordan - that she is nurturing and protective, while also beautiful.  In the photos with both mom and dad, we need to see that baby Jesse will be born into a loving home.

I have known Jordan since high school.  It is amazing that I have traveled through so many different stages of life with her.  It truly is awesome that I have good friends that have stuck around me for so long and not just become acquaintances.  I hope baby Jesse grows with friends like mine.

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  1. Joanna,
    I have enjoyed sneak peaks at your blog every so often! It is encouraging to see what others are doing! I especially like the photo from the waste down and the baby shoes in the middle! very sweet. Best of luck to you!