Tuesday, November 16, 2010

harriet the spider

here is a poem by Margie and me about this photograph:

Harriet the spider sometimes gets sad.
Placed next to the flowers,
she fades out of focus.

She goes a long time
without other spiders.
All she can see are the flowers all around her.
There are so many and they are all so beautiful.

She wonders if anyone will ever
think she is so beautiful;
Shining bright in the sun and
smelling sweetly in the breeze.

Standing on the edge of a pedal
Harriet thinks about her self.
"If I were a flower, then I would be happy."
...she tells herself.

But harriet doesn't know that she is lovely.
There are other spiders in the world that are lonely like her.
If only they could all be friends.

Today, she decides that she isn't lonely after all.
The flowers can be her friend.
Together they can make an even more beautiful picture.

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