Thursday, November 11, 2010

sufjan follow your heart

Oh Sufjan you entertain and enlighten us.  Not to mention, you have some dashing good-looks.  Jared, Margie, Matt and I drove up to Indianapolis last week to catch a glimpse of the boy-wonder and to experience first hand his artistry.  Our anticipation mounted ever higher as the day approached.  We were not disappointed.  Mr. Stevens put on a wonderful show.  It was full of space outfits, creatures, and celestial cities.  The decor and feeling of the show mirrored the artwork and tone of his newest album, Age of Adz.  Upon entering Indianapolis, we stopped for dinner (and celebration of Margie's 19th Birthday) at a funky little Thai restaurant, Siam Square.  Behind our seats, rested beautifully colored vases that reminded me of space helmets...which proved very inline with the night's theme.

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