Sunday, November 28, 2010

portraits: week 11

Family Portrait Style: The Percifuls.  Family portraits are an interesting thing - they are a mix of different personalities, different expressions, and different demeanors.  You also have the setting to think about - what setting would best describe this family?  Are they all wearing the same color?  Should they be posing or caught in a natural situation.  It is all very interesting.  Marissa and Jordan Perciful are two of my favorite-ist people...they are two of my best friends.  They have recently (4 weeks ago) expanded their family to 3 with the addition of baby Lucy.  They are a family that is joyful: for new life, a comfortable home, and a healthy family.  I was just trying to capture their joy along with their unique personalities. 


  1. We were super pumped with the pictures... and you should be receiving a Christmas card featuring one of the pictures in a couple days...see you in two weeks!

  2. That baby is super adorable!