Wednesday, September 8, 2010

busted soles

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing 2 wonderful friends that just happen to be in an equally lovely band - Busted Soles.  These photos were considered "band shots" and hopefully will be used in promoting the musical talents of Rachel and Aaron.  They have an older, more folky, vibe.  We tried to give the scenes this feel through their dress, poses, and editing.  I tried to make some of the images more grainy, like a 70's album cover.  They have many upcoming shows in October, so you should check out their schedule at

I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such creative and talented people (Rachel and Aaron are just two of many).  Their tenacity encourages me and spurs me on to do bigger and better things.  I only hope that I can encourage them back. It makes you think - there are so many people that could be great at so many things.  Some people just need someone to believe in them and help point out their gifts.  I need to be more aware - looking for the genius in everybody.

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