Friday, September 24, 2010

cinderella needs a coach

Ever since I was a little girl, the coming of Fall has always meant a trip out to Jackson's Orchard.  I have been on countless field trips where I was able to pick apples, eat a caramel apple, and drink apple cider.  To enter the orchard, you drive up a large hill, wooded and cool.  You pull out at the top amidst rows of peach and apple trees in the bright sunshine.  Past the rows, you see a modest family home sitting near a large, blue pond.  You pull in and park.  Farther back is the large red barn that houses the orchard store, greenhouse, and a few farm cats.  Pumpkins surround the barn, and red wagons wait to be pulled.  Hot apple pies, cider slushies, and fresh peach ice cream call your name.  But first, and most important, you must find it - the best pumpkin, the one who will carve well, the one who is magic.

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