Sunday, January 2, 2011

portraits: week 15

Growing up, I found it hard to be really good friends with a lot of girls.  Girls were passive aggressive, dramatic, jealous, superficial, prissy.  It was just so much easier to be friends with boys. If they were being a jerk, you just told them straight to their face - none of this petty gossip, loaded questions, or backhanded comments.  I liked playing sports.  I liked having intelligent, non-emotional, filled conversations.  I liked being forward with my friends. (side note - this does not mean that I didn't have a few really great girlfriends....Marissa, Bet, Alicia, Loren etc.)

Well, after growing up a bit, I have found that I actually really need some more girl friends in my life.  Girls that could be like sisters - that I could be straight with, that I could have intelligent conversations with, that I could share my troubles and sorrows with.  Girls that are cool, that are fun.  I did not think that it was possible, but I am pretty much sure I have hit the jackpot here in Louisville.  Recently, I have become friends with so many awesome women - who are not petty, or dramatic, but chill, caring, and interesting.  Stephanie Whonsetler is one of those girls.  I am so very glad that we are friends.  I mean, she is just plain awesome.

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